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How to Use Cover Me Up

Does your child complain when they need to change their clothes at community centres, the beach, dance schools or other public changing areas?

We have a solution that is simple to use and fits right in your bag!

Cover Me Up How To Video

Watch our video to see how to use Cover Me Up!

Cover Me Up How To Instructions

Slip on your Cover Me Up and Change underneath in complete privacy!

  1. Step into Cover Me Up through the neck hole. Or you can stretch the neck hole and pull it over your head without messing up your hair or make-up.Cover Me Up – How to Use – Step 1
  2. Keep your arms inside Cover Me Up and change into your tights or pants while sitting or standing.Cover Me Up – How to Use – Step 2
  3. Button or zip up shirts are easiest for changing. For other shirts: Keep your arms inside Cover Me Up and take your arms out of your shirt. Pull your shirt up around your neck. Put your arms through the Cover Me Up’s arm holes and pull your shirt up through the elastic neck hole and over your head.Cover Me Up – How to Use – Step 3
  4. Ta Dah! You’re finished! Easy as 1, 2, 3!Cover Me Up – How to Use – Step 4

It’s like having your own change room… anywhere!

Cover Me Up – Take your change room with you!